Mr. Fotis Karamitsos

Mr. Fotis Karamitsos

Mr. Fotis Karamitsos

Maritime, Shipping, Land Transport & ITS - Senior Advisor

Mr Karamitsos is a Senior Advisor on Maritime/Shipping Affairs but also on logistics, road transport, intelligent transport systems, urban transport and satellite navigation (GALILEO).

Mr Karamitsos has been with the European Commission for 36 years (1981-2017), where he kept a number of positions.

He has been Acting Deputy Director General (2011-2016), Director (2001-2016) and Principal Advisor (2017) in the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport.

Mr Karamitsos was responsible for the development and follow-up of the implementation of Maritime transport policy, maritime safety, environmental protection, as well as logistics, land transport and passenger rights, but also (for part of the time) for transport research, urban transport, intelligent transport systems and road safety.

Between 2008 and 2010, Mr Karamitsos has also been responsible for the setting up the European Satellite Navigation System GALILEO as regards policy, infrastructure and applications, and for setting the Regulatory framework for the Intelligent Transport Systems.

Mr Karamitsos is with the European Commission for over 35 years, where he has worked on various Transport issues, as well on Telecommunications, Information society, Environment, Tourism and Research and Development.

Before joining the Commission in 1981, Mr Karamitsos worked with the World Health Organisation’s programme on Greater Athens Pollution Control and on the Greek Academic and Public Sectors.

He holds degrees in Civil Engineering and Transportation planning from the Technical University of Athens and from Leeds University.