Mr. Mohamed Zaitoun

Mr. Mohamed Zaitoun

Mr. Mohamed Zaitoun

Zaitoun Green Shipping Ltd - President & CEO

Internationally recognized and renowned globally across the maritime industry, Mr. Mohamed Zaitoun, an engineer by training, has brought his 30+ years of experience and technical knowledge to our organization to enhance and innovate the world of green shipping. During his career, boasting a project-budget of approximately USD 4 billion, Mr. Zaitoun has specialized in the construction of nearly 35 innovative and highly efficient mega vessels, acting as both an active contributing member for projects belonging to acclaimed companies such as Hyundai, and Samsung Heavy Industries.

Mr. Zaitoun continues to partner with top tier manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

Under his visionary guidance, the revolutionary state of the art vessels produced countless TEU records, essentially revitalizing the shipping industry.

Mr. Zaitoun is an ex-United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) A. Vice President (New Building Technical Projects) and head of multiple industry organizations. Mr. Zaitoun is sought after for his technological expertise, lectures and featured numerously in specialized journal publications.

Mr. Zaitoun holds an engineering degree in Marine Engineering and has maintained up-to-date skills through ongoing coursework in Maritime Studies at various reputable and prestigious institutes.

Mohammed Zaitoun has initiated, developed and contributed to the construction of the world’s greenest and most efficient Ultra Large Container Vessels. Under his visionary guidance, the revolutionary state of the art vessels went on to produce countless TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) records.

Mr. Zaitoun’s intention, creating high utilization eco-efficient ships, resulted in 60% lower CO2 output per TEU compared to even today’s larger container vessels. The ships built under his vision are considered the pinnacle of the shipping industry.

Through theoretical originality and engineering practicality, Mr. Zaitoun has worked on the development of eco-efficient vessels that prioritize environmental protection with both a remarkable fuel and CO2 reduction whilst delivering a long service-life.

These vessels were the first ultra large container ships in the industry delivered ‘LNG ready’ with an achievement of 50% EEDI less than the 2025 rules requirements.

Recently he founded Zaitoun Green Shipping L.L.C. and some of his company activity

  • New Vessel Development: from design, specification optimization, building guidance to delivery & operating Ports & Terminals development.
  • Green energy solutions.
  • Innovative shipping technology solutions.
  • Oil & gas.
  • LNG: including retrofit, bunkering & power station optimization.
  • All type of machineries and system retrofits.
  • Management and consultancy of strategic plans.
  • Project Management: New building and Retrofit.