About Us

Why a Maritime Summit?

We are happy to announce that preparations for the third edition of the Malta Maritime Summit, to be held during the Malta Maritime Week from the 3-7 October 2022, are well underway.

Themed again “The Voice of the Industry”, this event will host prominent and influential maritime stakeholders who will be debating maritime concerns and challenges facing the various sectors including the post-COVID reality, technology, environment and finance.


Why Malta?

Malta has always been a maritime nation as its location has made it historically the most sought after island in the Mediterranean, by traders and world powers alike. As the Maritime world evolved, Malta’s nautical importance came to the fore.

As it ranks top of the European maritime league and sixth in the world, Malta has asserted itself as a major player not only as a flag State but in all the other aspects of the maritime industry. It is now a major player in this highly competitive world and therefore its responsibilities and obligations have increased tremendously.

Consequently, the summit will yet again drop anchor in Malta’s capital city, Valletta, the European Capital of Culture 2018 – the heart of beautiful heritage and the natural Grand Harbour used since Phoenician times.