Programme 2022

Malta Maritime Summit

3rd – 7th October, 2022

The conference will be spread over four and half days and is intended to stimulate various debates with the scope of reaching conclusions and make proposals that would be presented to the various stakeholders for their consideration. Thus the theme “The Voice of the Industry”.




Inauguration of Maritime Art Exhibition in aid of Apostleship of the Sea

Harbour Cruise

Opening Reception

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Maritime Policy &  Maritime Politics


Session 1: Does the industry require a Paradigm Shift?

Session 2: Post-pandemic and Ramifications of the War

Session 3: The impact of Sustainability and Digitalisation

Session 4: Technocrats vs the Industry


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The Environment –  A Sustainable Shipping Industry & Blue Economy


Session 1: The Impact of the Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal on International Shipping

Session 2: The Opportunities and Challenges of Digitalisation & Cyber Security

Session 3: Is Blue Economy a Myth or a Reality? Challenges and Opportunities

Session 4: The Impact of the EU Ship Recycling Regulations on the Industry



Malta Maritime Awards Dinner


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Financial & Legal demands – Post Covid, The Ramifications of the War & Geopolitics

Session 1: The Financial Disruption of Supply Chain – Supply Chain Resilience

Session 2: Banking Regulations causing Disruption.  How can the ECB improve its Regulations in order to facilitate Financial Operations?

Session 3: Funding of Initiatives to achieve a Carbon-Neutral Industry

Session 4: Legal Implications of Digitalisation: Framework, Responsibility, Cyber Security


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Yachting & Sea Tourism

Session 1: Synergies between Yachting and Cruise Industry

Session 2: Is there room for the Development of International Standard on Marinas

Session 3: Sustainability in the Yachting & Cruise Industry


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