Malta Maritime Summit

1st – 5th October, 2018



Monday 1st October, 2018


15:00 – 17:30 Registration

17:00 Vin d’honneur in honour of the first Maltese women Masters. Recognition will be given by the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure the Hon. Dr. Ian Borg and the Minister for European Affairs and Equality the Hon. Helena Dalli, in the presence of WISTA International President Mrs. Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou.
[By invitation only]

18:00 – 20:00 Harbour Cruise

20:00 – 22:00 Opening receptionFort St. Angelo, Birgu 


Tuesday 2nd October, 2018

Maritime analysis, logistics and projections – The E.U. & The Rest of the World.

What impact, if any, will Brexit have on the EU maritime economy and Stakeholders? Considering the immense progress in the industry what is the EU’s long term view and is the current policy working? Is the industry too demanding or indifferent towards the EU’s maritime policy? If so how can the gap be narrowed? Are the powers within the EU proactive enough or should they be closer and more understanding of the industry concerns? In comparison with other jurisdictions what is the EU’ the long term view? Is the industry’s perception of the EU in fact a reality?

08:00 Registration and welcome coffee Sponsored by CEM Asia Trading 

08:45   Art Exhibition Inauguration – The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Hon. Dr. Ian Borg 

09:00   Opening Remarks and welcome address

09:05 Keynote AddressMinister for Transport and Infrastructure the Hon. Dr. Ian Borg

09:20 Address IMO Secretary General H.E. Kitack Lim

09:40   SESSION: The Valletta declaration 2017. Has anything changed?

10:30 Coffee Break Sponsored by CEM Asia Trading 

11:00 SESSION:  Women in Shipping

11:45 SESSION: Outlook for shipping in a volatile world

As shipping emerges from a long recession, it finds that demand is clouded by a series of geopolitical events such as the imposition of tariffs on trade between the US and China and the US and the EU, as well as Brexit. Is there a measurable rise in protectionism? What are the main threats to seaborne trade and how can these be measured against demand projections? Is the shipping industry currently in better shape to cope with geopolitical shocks or have past lessons from over-ordering not been properly learned?

  • Moderator:  Nigel Lowry – Lloyd’s List – Greece Correspondent
  • Panellists: Bob Sanguinetti – Chief Executive UK Chamber of Shipping, Fotis Karamitsos -Maritime, Shipping, Land Transport & ITS – Senior Advisor, Gian Enzo Duci – Managing Director Norbulk Enterprise Ship Management SRL

12:30  SESSION: New market opportunities for global operators in an evolving geopolitical scenario the OBOR (New Silk Road) initiative and its impact on the European community and the UK

13:15 Closing Remarks

13:30 Lunch 

19:30 – 22:00 Speakers Reception, Villa Bighi – Kalkara

Sponsored by The Ministry for Energy and Water Management 


Wednesday 3rd October, 2018

Maritime Environment, innovation and enforceability

Greenhouse effect, pollution, carbon emissions, energy efficiency are just a few of the industry concerns. How is the industry coping with modern day demands? How much is innovation helping in fact and in image the industry? Will automation be an environmental time bomb? Enforceability is the key or the lock?   Considering the complicated and intense management logistics of this sector are the industry’s efforts resulting in the expected standard or should the industry be more proactive? Is public opinion being manipulated to unjustly blame the major players for Ecological issues? What can all the stakeholders do more to address this reality?


08:00 Registration and welcome coffee Sponsored by DYNAGAS  

09:00 Opening Remarks and welcome address

09:05 Keynote AddressMinister for Energy and Water – The Hon. Joe Mizzi

09:20 AddressComm. Karmenu Vella – European Commissioner for Environment, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

09:45 SESSION:Maritime Environment, innovation and enforceability

10:30 Coffee Break Sponsored by DYNAGAS  


11:00 SESSION: Urgent needs of human capacity building in developing countries in response to challenges of new environmental requirements and emerging technologies such 

as autonomous shipping.

11:45 SESSION:  Ship Recycling

  • Moderator: Peter Hinchliffe – International Chamber of Shipping – Former Secretary General
  • Panellists: Henning Prinzen – GMS Germany – Trader,  Dr. Stephan Piazza KPMG – Manager, Shipping and Yachting

12:30 SESSION: Fending off Cyber Attacks & IT

13:15 Lunch  Sponsored by DYNAGAS  


Thursday 4th October, 2018

Maritime Finance, Taxation and sustainability

Crypto currencies, corruption, litigation, cybercrime and human trafficking are of concern and costing the industry dearly! Are banking regulations, due diligence requirements and demands stifling the maritime economic growth?  What should the regulatory bodies and the industry do to address these issues? Are IPOs still a suitable alternative to raising capital?


08:00 Registration and welcome coffee Sponsored by Gauci-Maistre Xynou (Legal | Assurance)  

09:00 Opening Remarks and welcome address

09:05 Keynote Address by the Minister for Finance the Hon. Edward Scicluna

09:20 SESSION: Arbitration – New conflicts and Disputes. Is arbitration still economically viable?

10:15  SESSION: Blockchain / Smart Contracts / VCs

10:15 – 10:20: Dr. Jean-Pie Gauci-Maistre – short introduction to the subject

10:20 – 10:55: Panel Discussion

  • Moderator: Dr. Jean-Pie Gauci-Maistre – Gauci-Maistre Xynou (Legal | Assurance) – Managing Partner
  • Panellists: Christos Efthymiopoulos – Malta Financial Services Authority – Analyst within the Fintech and Virtual Currencies team, Mitul Dave – AlphaSeas Management Limited – Managing Director, Dr. Malcolm Falzon – Camilleri Preziosi Advocates – Partner, Elena Kryvoberets – ShipNEXT – CMO

10:55 – 11:10: A conversation with Clinton Senkow – ShipChain – VP of Partnerships & Co-founder of Influencive

11:10 Coffee Break Sponsored by Gauci-Maistre Xynou (Legal | Assurance) 

11:40 SESSION:  Finance – Are banking regulations, due diligence requirements and demands stifling the maritime economic growth

  • Moderator: Harry Theochari – Norton Rose Fulbright – Global Head of Transport
  • Panellists: Dr. Christos Sigalas – Deree – American College of Greece – Assistant Professor & Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. – Financial Manager, Prof. Andreas Merikas – GMS, George Xiradakis – XRTC Business Consultants – Founder and Managing Director

12:35  SESSION:  Ship Finance Innovation including reverse mergers, residual value insurance

A debate between George Xiradakis – XRTC Business Consultants – Founder and Managing Director and Stathis D. Gourdomichalis – Phoenix Shipping & Trading S.A. – Co Founder & Managing Director

13:15 Closing Remarks

13:30 Lunch Sponsored by Gauci-Maistre Xynou (Legal | Assurance) 

20:00 – 22:00 Speakers Reception, Hotel Excelsior


Friday 5th October, 2018

Yachting & Sea Tourism – Finance, Crewing, Marinas and Service providers

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Luxury super yachts & passenger vessels are in fact diverse and yet similar. When and why does a yacht no longer qualify as such? Owners and regulators have different views. Is it time to have marinas classified in the EU? Automation, IT, digitalisation, and marinas and their personnel qualifications are today’s buzz words! How is the industry coping?

08:30 Registration and welcome coffee Sponsored by Vistra 

09:30 Opening Remarks and welcome address

09:35 Keynote Address by the Minister for Tourism the Hon. Konrad Mizzi

09:45 SESSION: Environment, marinas and similar considerations. 

  • Moderator: Rory Jackson – The Superyacht group – Business Editor
  • Panellists: Mathieu E Salomon – Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Ltd – Technical Director, Niki Travers Tauss – Marina di Valletta – General Manager

10:30 SESSION: Disruption in Chartering 

A discussion: Ellie Malouf – Ahoy Club – Global Account Manager, Ian Malouf – Ahoy Club – Managing Director, Dr. Anthony Galea – Vistra Marine & Aviation Limited – Managing Director, Toby Maclaurin – Ocean Independence UK Ltd. – Commercial Director

11:15 Coffee Break Sponsored by Vistra 

11:45 SESSION  The Yachting Scenario – what is new and changing today’s outlook?
Regulations and the Passenger Yacht, an overview of the industry trends, do we need regulations for Yachts?, when is a Ship/Yacht a Passenger Ship, challenges for designers, are there alternatives to prescriptive regulation

  • Moderator: Greg V. Evans – Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) – Global Director, Safety & Compliance
  • Panellists: Patrick Bachofner – IRI Corporate & Maritime Services (Switzerland) SA – Director, Marc Verburg – International Registries (Netherlands) B.V. – Fleet Operations Manager, Yachts, Ivan Sammut – Transport Malta – Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen

12:30: SESSION: Leasing Structures in Yachting in the EU – Is there room for them?

  • Moderator: Dr. Anthony Galea – Vistra Marine & Aviation Limited – Managing Director
  • Panellists: Dr. Alison Vassallo – Fenech and Fenech Advocates – Partner, Dr. Christine Cassar Naudi- GANADO Advocates – Partner, Dr. Mark Lautier – PwC Malta – Senior Manager, Nic Arnold – PwC UK – Director​

13:45 Closing Remarks

Followed by Lunch Sponsored by Vistra 


Delegates may be invited to the Speakers Reception which will be held on the eve of the day registered for!