Nikki Diacono


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak” :  Inspirational words by Hans Hofmann (German-born American painter).

Born in Malta in 1968, Nikki Diacono is an emerging, impressionist artist who has taken her artistic journey to another level during the last number of years.  Making art was always a priority in her life from a very tender age. Following her secondary education, she attended several courses and classes in the History of Art and Drawing & Painting at both the Malta School of Art and the Malta Society of Arts.

As a wife and mother of 4, time dedicated to her paintings has proven to be extremely challenging. Finding lots of support from her family and overwhelmed with a very positive response following her participation in a renowned local artisan market some years back, have encouraged her to set up her own home studio where she manages to create pieces on an almost daily basis.

During the last few years, she has participated in a number of local private events, exhibiting her works and now her art has found homes in all four corners of the world.

Malta’s beautiful landscapes, streetscapes and seascapes are what mainly inspire her work.  A recent collection of works, with over 150 different pieces, depict her take on the beauty of classical Maltese architecture. This series is called Is-Sbuhija Tal-Bini L-Antik through which she presents what she feels is the true beauty of our island’s heritage.

Another ongoing series she has is entitled The Gift of Life through which she portrays the emotional attachment between individuals, also focusing on the beautiful gift we have all been given : the gift of life.  She has also taken on a number of commissioned pieces, all of which were extremely well received.

All her paintings are original works mainly done in acrylics and oils, and may be viewed on her Facebook Page : Original Art by Nikki


You may also contact Nikki through the MMS2022 app, powered by EventMobi.

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